1.When my order will be fulfill ?
Please allow us with normally 5 leading time to handle your order.


  1. What shipping method is my order ?

Order over $400 will normally ship with Air line shipping , which is more safe that express(High risk on custom inspections)  . Small Parcel -12 days deliver generally

to USA with usps , Collisimo to France , to most Europe country with Singapore post etc. 15 days deliver generally


  1. Why I can not check the order at website.

The 17track was provide by an website function may not able to show the tracking information properly , better to check direct with web : 17track.net/en

And most of the Small parcel tracking information will be showing after arrival to the destination country or else just have the basic information - Your package has shipped from the originating country and is en route to its destination. Please allow time for the update.


  1. Why inbox not working

We have not setting any automatic reply on the robot don’t mind what the robot replying , our customer service inbox is 10 am - 6 pm from MON to SAT , and whatsapp 10 am-6 pm MON to SAT (china time) , any message i see at whatsapp will try reply asap by myself .


  1. When you daily deal be update?

It normally update the time one hour after working time , one hour before the closing time.


  1. How to make purchase the master case?

Before order the master case please contact us without hesitation ,and noted that the shipping balance will be not included in the price, over $50 free shipping fit for all expect master case , shipping balance calculate with post code and  customer address.


  1. I am from Europe, am i need to pay VAT?

Noted that all our shipping was VAT prepay by seller side ,but irregular checking was happen at all national custom, you will need to pay a little if unfortunate upon you, will not be much we claim at low value.