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QR-Kayou Saint Seiya Card QR 025-037 Serial Wave2

QR-Kayou Saint Seiya Card QR 025-037 Serial Wave2

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Original Kayou Saint Seiya Limited QR

UR 025 to 037 Full Series

Selling Point

Limited SE Rare BP Collection:Collectible Saint Seiya cards, featuring rare SE and BP cards, perfect for enthusiasts.

Japanese Anime Saint Cloth Awakening Card:Immerse in the Saint Seiya universe with these anime-inspired cards, ideal for fans.

Children's Toy Gift:A delightful gift for kids, these cards spark imagination and creativity.

Game Collection Cards:Enhance your game collection with these Saint Seiya cards, designed for strategic play.

Saint Seiya Card Box:Comes in a sturdy box, keeping your cards organized and protected.


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