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SLR Black - Kayou Naruto Card SLR Serial Set (Black)

SLR Black - Kayou Naruto Card SLR Serial Set (Black)

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Complete Set Collection:This Naruto Card set offers a comprehensive collection of BP,NR,CR,SP, GP, UR, OR, AR, LR, HR, SLR, SSR, SR, R cards, perfect for enthusiasts. 

Rare Anime Cards:Each Naruto Card is a rare find, featuring iconic anime characters and designs that collectors cherish.

Versatile Gift:An ideal birthday gift, this Naruto Card set is a versatile present for fans of all ages and genders.

Diverse Card Types:From SP to SSR, this Naruto Card set includes a variety of card types to cater to different collecting preferences.

Authentic Naruto Merchandise:These Naruto Cards are authentic, ensuring collectors receive genuine merchandise from the beloved anime series.


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